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Hey Now - "Well, this is a cool track, a bit like The Residents if they were somewhat more lively. I loved the understated percussion and the wack lyrics. You will…


The Music, the magic, the mayhem

We had a great party. Video coming soon!!!! We shared videos, history, songwriting methods, recording and mixing methods and much much more! Video montage coming soon. New videos are getting put up on youtube quite often so keep checking back. 


Party postponed to February 1

We have had some unavoidable delays so we will put this event off for a few weeks. This also will allow everyone to watch The Ohio State Football team win a national championship!!! Go Buckeyes.


Ominous Bus Release and Carl's Birthday Party

We are having a party to mark the release of our third "The Rust Show Presents" album, Ominous Bus and it also happens to be my birthday!!! Monday January 11, 2021 8 pm Eastern time. 

Come on out and help…