The Rust Show -- Family and Fate

What we know is often an elusive illusion.

Carl Rust was born in a wintery city in northern ohio. His birth was recorded in a record book with the following notation: “this child will be nobody special unless he finds a friend to help him out.”


A few years later Brian Rust was born in a wintry city in northern ohio. He was carl’s nephew which means he was carl’s brothers son.


Many years later carl started writing songs and brian learned to play guitar on a very crappy used instrument that would have been a poor campfire starter. 


Carl wanted to make a band so he learned to play bass and recruited brian to jam along, brian recruited tim and johnny and later they went through a series of drummers. After generating a long list of band names which is pretty funny and maybe we will share it if it can be located they chose to name the band after brian’s license plate. Nine six eighT was born. People joined, quit, got kicked out and came back. Eventually the band died of very early onset Alzheimer's.


A few years later brian and carl decided to try making music together again - long distance. - see note for the album Have a Nice Trip See You Next Fall for the result.


They recorded and released unravels and a single cover of While My Guitar Gently Weeps. 

Now they are onboard the Ominous Bus and are rolling down the road.

Releasing new music every other week or so.

The Rust Show creates mystical landscapes of sound. Carl Rust and Brian Rust collaborate long distance sending tracks back and forth until they have sculpted something interesting and mysterious. Ranging from acoustic folk to experimental electronic, no genre or sound is ignored.