Hey Now Reviews

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Reviews of songs:

Hey Now - "Well, this is a cool track, a bit like The Residents if they were somewhat more lively. I loved the understated percussion and the wack lyrics. You will not catch me in the field of doom!"

"Good song overall, enjoyed it quite much. Lyrics were thoughtful and interesting. Sound production sounded amazing, high quality. Would recommend this song."

"Intro with the filter automation and the vocals sounded pretty sick. Vocals sounded like Billy Corgan. Very good flow and sound on this for sure."

"Kinda odd but reminds me of a goth rock act I like, the group "Voltaire".... I could rock out to this if I'm in the mood for dark music."

"I like the way the artist flows with the beat and the clarity in the sound. The artist vocal and lyrical ability is on another level."