1. Emerson Jones

From the recording Unravels

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Emerson Jones

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piano riff by Brian - words by Carl and a former student (now deceased).


Emerson Jones
What shall I say this morning?
What shall our minds create?
What does the great road take us?
What is the way to the sea?
See with the eyes of eagles
See with the mind of god
See what the music tells us
See when we all will fly
Ours is the tune of ages
Ours is the golden breath
Ours is the tree unchanging
Ours is the sudden lake
How will we know each other?
How will we know ourselves?
How will we find the hidden?
How will we dare the cliff
Dancing around the moonlight
Dancing outside the wall
Dancing away the fragments
Dancing beneath the waves
Can we undo the shadows
Can we correct the sun
Can we ignore the heartache
Can we unshoot the gun
Swallow the seed of reason
Swallow the unknown arc
Swallow a sliver of poison
Swallow the truthful nut

Flying And flying and flying away
Running and running and running away